Linear ball bearing rail

When applauding the advancements made in the modern world, many people give credit to discovery of electricity, airplanes, cell phones and other modern gadgets which bring convenience. However, many people forget that bearings are needed in making each of these commodities function properly.

Linear ball bearings use a roller system, bushing or pad in carrying load on a rail. The linear ball bearing rail does not have to be straight. The bearings are meant to reduce friction which would lead to wear and tear. In addition, they ensure each component stays where it is meant to be to avoid breakdowns. The bearings are mainly used in CNC router heads and 3D printers. They prevent radial motion to ensure smooth motion in a linear manner. Other uses include

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a) Moving biologic samples

It is advisable to use miniature linear bearings in this case. The distance involved in this case is usually in terms of millimeters. Also, the load is not too heavy to demand high strength bearings.

b) Pull-out equipment drawers

Every office or home has a pull-out drawer. However, a large number of the population has no idea that without the bearings the storage cabinets would be useless. Bush linear bearings are used in this case. They are usually light duty depending on the purpose the drawers are meant for. However, heavy equipment cannot be handled by these kind of bearings and rail.

c) Carrying loads

In industrial areas, many of the heavy loads are moved on conveyor belts or on the surface unless cranes are involved. Use of bearings makes the work very easy. All that is needed are roller bearings or re-circulating ball kind of linear bearings. It is possible to move even the heaviest of equipment when you have bearings which are strong. The better part is that you need less man power and effort to do this.

Accessories for linear ball bearings

a) Wipers

The bearings do not function on their won. Besides the rails, wipers are essential in sweeping the rail on which the balls slide on to ensure there are no debris. Any particles present, however small can cause failure of the entire system. Locating these is not easy especially when the system is extensive. Operations will have to be put on hold until the problem is solved. Besides being time consuming, it will cost the organization a lot of money if alternative movement options are brought in.


Seals are meant to prevent seepage of lubricant from the rail. The balls cannot rotate well if they are not bifurcated. Besides this, they are likely to rust if they are not properly oiled. Apart from the damage caused to the balls due to lack of enough lubrication, seepage increases the operation costs because more money is spent in buying lubricating agents.


If you feel that you need linear bearing, there are a number of issues you should address before the purchase. Make sure you have thought about

1. The needed accuracy

2. Required rigidity

3. Load

4. Moment loads

5. Maintenance

6. Noise requirement

7. Vibrations and their effect on the operation.